Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

As many as 40 percent of all adults will enter a nursing home at some point in their life and as many as 3.2 million American adults are currently living in a nursing home. These are extremely high percentages that show many people must put their trust into those caring for their loved ones in nursing homes. If you’re suspicious of nursing home abuse in Joliet, now is your time to speak up.

It’s sad to think that not all nursing homes treat their patients with the highest quality care. Nursing home abuse is a serious offense that may be punishable by law.

What does nursing home abuse involve?

• Physical abuse often comes in the form of intentional hitting or overusing restraints.
• Sexual abuse is unwanted sexual attention given to a patient who is unable to express his or her wishes.
• Psychological abuse is more difficult to identify but it often includes yelling, criticizing or shaming the patient.
• Financial exploitation occurs when caretakers take advantage of the access they have to a patient’s finances. This includes anything from direct theft to applying for credit in the patient’s name.
• Neglect may be unintentional and a result of inadequate staffing. It’s when a patient’s needs including personal hygiene or clothing, or water are not met sufficiently.

Some signs of nursing home abuse include bed sores, broken bones, bruises, cuts, welts, infections, mood swings, refusal to speak or eat, unexplained weight loss, poor physical experience or changes in mental status.

If you think your loved one is suffering from nursing home abuse in Joliet, contact Block Law today. We want to ensure your loved one is safe and receives the compensation and care they deserve.


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