Understanding Liability in Animal Attacks in Joliet

Published on October 11th, 2019

Pets can be a wonderful addition to any home. They are loving, always there for you, and become true family members. However, all animals, including house pets, have the ability to bite in any given situation. For example, maybe a particular dog has never been exposed to little kids, so when they encounter a child for the first time, they react unexpectedly. The victim, whether it be a family member or an innocent bystander, may sustain painful and costly injuries. 

Establishing Fault

If an individual owns and contains a pet as their own, they will be held responsible in the case that their pet causes harm. This includes if their animal was in the care of another person when they hurt someone. In the case that you or a loved one was involved in an animal attack in Joliet, turn to our team for help navigating the lawsuit. 

Who is a Victim?

While it’s impossible to predict the exact demographic of animal attack victims, the majority of cases involve young children who are at ground-level with the dog. Unfortunately, it only takes a matter of seconds for an unsure dog to attack and cause lasting damage to the child. In this case, the victim’s family can file a lawsuit against the owner of the dog. 

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