Medical Malpractice Attorneys in Lockport, Il

Those who work in the medical field must follow strict protocols and a standard of care to treat their patients. When they deviate from those practices, they put the patient at serious risk of further health complications and sometimes wrongful death.

If you or a loved one has endured medical malpractice near Lockport, Illinois, look no further than the attorneys at Block Law to help you get justice.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys in Lockport, Il

What Is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare professional (such as a doctor, nurse, or other medical practitioner) fails to provide appropriate treatment or care to a patient, resulting in harm, injury, or death. Here are a few examples of medical malpractice cases:

  • Misdiagnosis: If a doctor fails to correctly diagnose a condition or disease, the patient may not receive proper treatment and their condition may worsen. For example, a doctor may mistake a heart attack for indigestion, resulting in delayed treatment and more serious harm to the patient.
  • Surgical errors: Surgeons may make errors during a procedure, such as leaving surgical instruments inside the patient or operating on the wrong body part. These errors can cause serious harm or even death.
  • Medication errors: If a healthcare professional administers the wrong medication or the wrong dose, it can cause serious harm to the patient. For example, a nurse may accidentally give a patient too much medication, resulting in an overdose.
  • Failure to obtain informed consent: Before any medical procedure, the patient must be informed of the risks and benefits of the treatment and give their informed consent. If the healthcare professional fails to obtain informed consent and the patient suffers harm, it may be considered medical malpractice.

What Can Our Medical Malpractice Lawyers Do To Help You?

Block Law has represented claimants throughout Lockport, Illinois for medical malpractice and personal injury cases. Once we review and accept your case after the initial consultation, we will
diligently gather information for your case and utilize all of our available resources to ensure you get justice.

You’ve already endured pain and suffering as a result of medical negligence, so you shouldn’t have to deal with even more in the courtroom. Let our lawyers handle all of the paperwork and correspondences needed to make sure your case is well-represented and won.

We don’t get paid until you get the justice you deserve. Contact Block Law for your no-obligation medical malpractice case consultation.