Winter Driving Essentials to Have in Your Car

Published on December 20th, 2018

As motor vehicle accident lawyers in Joliet, our team is knowledgeable about the dangers that winter driving possesses. It is important to stay safe and alert during all seasons when you are driving, but especially during the winter. Preparing your car with certain tools and instruments is a great way to be prepared for anything the winter season has to offer.

Before you hop in your car again this winter, make sure that your car is equipped with the following:

An Ice Scraper/Snow Brush

Don’t go through the winter without having an ice scraper and snow brush inside of your car. You don’t always know when it is going to snow, so it is important that you have this tool to clear your car of unexpected snow and ice. It is important that you clear your entire car off rather than just your windshield. This ensures that you can see out of all of your windows, and this minimizes your risk of getting into a crash.

Gloves & Winter Clothes

You won’t be able to comfortably clean your car off without having the proper gear to do so. Gloves and layers of winter clothing will make it more comfortable to clean your car when the weather is cold.

A Blanket

In the case that you get into an accident and become stranded, having a blanket or two in your car can help you stay safe and warm. The last thing you want is to be stranded, your car won’t turn on and you are freezing cold!

Extra Windshield Washer Fluid

Antifreeze is important to have during the winter, as it helps keep your windshield visible. Have some extra fluid stowed away in your car in the case of an emergency.

If you get into a car accident this winter, make sure to contact our motor vehicle accident lawyers in Joliet as soon as possible!

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