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The effects of traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be overwhelming. TBI is usually caused by an accident, but sometimes it can occur because of a willful, malicious act, or an instance of willful neglect committed by another person, that causes the injury.

Whatever the source of the injury, dealing with the emotional stress of this situation can create a personal strain that is virtually unbearable, but the law firm of Block, Klukas, Manzella & Shell is here for you. Our practice area includes Joliet and the surrounding cities of Mokena, Minooka, New Lenox, Lockport, and Plainfield handling traumatic brain injury cases.

How Does TBI Happen?

Traumatic brain injury can happen to anyone at any time. It can be as simple as a slip and fall hitting your head on something in front of or behind you. This is especially true of elderly people who may be suffering balance problems. It can also happen while playing sports, for example, being tackled while playing football or hit by a pitcher’s fastball while playing baseball.

In other examples, one can fall off a horse, have a piece of equipment hit them in the head on the job, or be seriously injured in an automobile accident. Additionally, TBI can also occur when someone shakes a baby or young child too hard, a tragic occurrence called shaken baby syndrome.

To provide some sobering statistics, according to the CDC, TBI is the leading cause of death among children and young adults in the U.S. Further, each year, about 1.5 million Americans suffer some form of TBI leading to:

  • The death of 50,000 people.
  • The hospitalization of another 230,000 individuals who survive.
  • Approximately 80,000 to 90,000 persons suffering long-term disability because of TBI.

While all accidents are bad, it’s particularly devastating if something like a car accident or a truck accident causes the loss of limbs, impaired mental ability, or death. The claims for compensation growing out of these kinds of catastrophic accidents, including lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering, require a tremendous amount of investigation and research, and that is an area of the law in which we specialize.

For more than 60 years, we have served clients in Joliet and Minooka and surrounding communities with the best legal representation possible. We want our clients to focus on getting well while we fight for them.

Attorneys Who Care About You

If you have suffered a TBI-type injury, and you’re seeking “a personal injury lawyer near me in Minooka, IL,” for example, or surrounding areas, your search can stop with the Block Law Firm. As we have said, assisting those suffering from traumatic brain injuries is one of our specialties at Block Law.

As an example, Elizabeth Klukas, a partner of the firm, has extensive experience as a traumatic brain injury attorney. She has been with the firm for more than 35 years and came from an insurance defense firm. Ms. Klukas’ practice is entirely devoted to litigation, and based on her prior experience she knows how an insurance company will probably respond to a claim.

Armed with this knowledge, she isn’t afraid to confront them, and she will be your warrior and traumatic brain injury lawyer helping you secure the compensation you deserve.

Over the years, we have helped tens of thousands of clients get the financial settlements to which they are entitled, and we want to do the same for you. When you have been seriously injured and everything is on the line, Block Law will be there for you!